I helped someone make a calculator and it looks beautiful all thanks to me



  • September 20, 2017
  • Android, AR, ...

Now that Ive gotten a Pixel XL Im gonna focus on AR using Unity. Its still a preview edition but totally worth it! More coming sooon 😉


  • September 15, 2017
  • 2D, C#, ...

Back to work on this old thing 😮

What is life?

I took a 2D game ( and made a 3D client for it. That means that some people are still playing in 2D, others in 3D.. woah.. what is life ;-;

SVG Exporter / Stas’ Maya Tools released! (sorta)

  • September 5, 2017
  • Mac, Maya, ...

The release is out. Get it here: It is a pre-release so try at your own risk as it is still beta software. More updates follow! 🙂

Stas’s Maya Tools comin soon

Ragdolls ;D


its so cute

Uh coming soon..

Maya SVG Exporter (ISD: Final Project)

So I decided to shift focus from VR, and instead work on my software development project for TSA Nationals 2017. Since I already am doing some software development, I might as well use what I already have as my project. So here is SVG Exporter:

It’s an addon for Autodesk Maya 2017, a 3D modeling software. In Maya, you can use certain tools to create “curves”, essentially 2D curved lines that can be any drawing or whatever you want. You can also convert parts of 3D objects to curves. My tool takes these curves, and converts them to a file format called “SVG”, this format can be read by many other industry programs such as Adobe Illustrator and in the end, can be used to cut out any shape using a laser cutter.

My tool is simple to use, select any curves made in Maya, select where to export, change some settings, and bam: you have an .svg file ready to cut out!

The reason I decided to make this is because I am extremely proficient with Autodesk Maya but not other software such as Illustrator, and I needed to cut something out for class. My tool is a middleman that lets me use my Maya skills and takes the hard work into actually cutting it out.

Also, Maya is missing many essential features that are required in 2017 and beyond. I plan to add more features as custom plugins so that they may be added as standards to Maya in the future.

Here is what a curve is:

And my tool spits this out:

(Except the lines are super thin)

This red format allows the laser cutter to follow it presicely and cut out the exact shape of my name!

This is an example of a simple final example of what could be done with my tool:

But the possibilites are endless 😀
An installer is coming soon that will auto add it to your Maya shelf. Check my blog or Github in the future to find it 🙂